Luxury Wedding & Reception Party Places / Venues in Meerut

WEDDING is the most valuable occasion in one’s life and everyone wants to celebrate it with their relatives and friends at a grand place to make this time memorable. The Wedding place plays an important role in this occasion that makes this special day unforgettable. The wedding place & reception should be wide enough with a beautiful stage for wedding’s partners so that the coming guest enjoy and feels happy at that time.

At Meerut, you would find many of the Wedding Party and Reception places and spaces but one of them is the BRAVURA GOLD RESORT – A Luxurious 4 Star HOTEL that filled with number of party places and spaces differ in size, capacity and layout etc. according to one’s need.

The places and spaces available at this grand place are –

Paradise Garden

Open Area: 12,500 Square Feet
Capacity: 5,000 Person
 Layout:  Reception with Stage

Imperial Hall 

Hall Size: 6,000 square feet 
Capacity: 300
Layout: Reception with Stage (can be linked with Paradise Garden

Monarch Hall 

Hall Size: 2,500 square feet 
Capacity: 80 Persons
Layout: Reception or Conference (Can be Linked with Platinum Hall) 

Majestic Hall 

Hall Size: 7,500 square feet + 1200sq.ft.
Terrace Lounge Capacity: 750 Persons
Layout: Reception with Stage & a Terrace Lounge (Can be Linked with Paradise Garden) 

Grandeur Hall 

Hall Size: 7,500 square feet 
Capacity: 650 Persons
Layout: Reception with Stage (can be combined with Paradise Garden) 

Platinum Hall 

Hall Size: 3,500 square feet 
Capacity: 120 Persons
Layout: Reception with Stage (can be linked with Paradise Garden) 

Vinex Hall 

Hall Size: 6,000 sq.ft.
Layout: Reception with Stage (can be linked with Paradise Garden)
Capacity: 300 Person

Choose one of the above wedding places at BRAVURA and make your wedding day memorable forever!
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